Campus Program

May - August, 2015

A summer experience with lifelong impact.

LSU-HHMI has a long history of supporting research opportunities for students in laboratories throughout the campus. Our students work closely with faculty mentors in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, the School of Veterinary Medicine, and Pennington Biomedical Research Center—potentially any unit at LSU.

Outside the laboratories, LSU-HHMI participants also benefit from seminars designed as academic and professional development opportunities for students in the summer research programs at LSU. Typically, this series begins with an orientation including the topics of lab safety, ethics and maintaining a research journal. During the course of the summer, other professional development topics include how to apply for graduate schools and prestigious national fellowships, how to develop a research poster and how to deliver a poster presentation. Each weekly seminar also includes presentations from one or more Faculty Research Mentor describing not only their current research but also the development of their academic careers.

In addition to the Tuesday seminar series, LSU-HHMI students have numerous opportunities to engage both intellectually and socially with other students and faculty mentors through events such as Astronomy Night, lab tours and an annual student/faculty softball game.

We encourage students to become involved in research early in their collegiate careers. While some LSU-HHMI students do have prior experience in a lab, for many, the projects supported by LSU-HHMI are the first opportunity for conducting a full-time research project with significant independent responsibilities. Participants are eligible to apply for support towards follow-on meetings, publication awards and have preferred applicant status in future cycles of the HHMI Scientist and International competitions below.